Investing on the edge
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Mosaic is a full-stack construction technology company. Mosaic’s technologies make construction more efficient- no small feat in an industry notorious for its lack of innovation and efficiency gains. Mosaic’s efficiencies come from its proprietary programming system that systematizes the construction process by decomposing blueprints into a rich construction model used to automate

The venture capital industry historically reinvents itself every few years, and 2020 accelerated that cycle significantly. As we enter 2021, we’ve seen the deployment periods for many seed funds shorten to 18 months. There is a sector-specific seed fund for every sector imaginable. Traditional Series-A firms have grown into full-stack shops with

  Yesterday Google DeepMind announced that their deep learning system AlphaFold has achieved unprecedented levels of accuracy on the “protein folding problem”, a grand challenge problem in computational biochemistry. The ability to accurately predict protein structures from their amino-acid sequence represents a huge boon to life sciences and medicine. It potentially vastly accelerates efforts